Tour Management

Tour and Production Management.

Our tour management team has the  knowledge and experience to ensure every artist is given the support they need whilst on tour. We take great pride in looking after all our artists ensuring they are healthy, happy and safe.

We supply experienced and friendly tour managers for the road, all our crew come through personal recommendation.

Many of our tour managers have skills other than tour management such as the ability to to handle your live sound or backline requirements.

Our experienced team are here to manage your live project in full or in part at your request and convenience.

Our production managers have vast experience, from arena tours to intimate showcases. We have the knowledge and the technical expertise to organise your event or tour as directed.

As your job is being planned we will contract for services such as lighting, sound, trucking, rigging, bussing, and catering.

We have established relationships with a network of trusted suppliers and will ensure your production is kept on schedule and within budget.

Road Crew

Moomba Productions has a growing number of talented industry professionals available through its agency, please do get in touch and tell us what you need.

Tour Management: Production Manager, Tour Manager, Production Assistant.

Production: Production Designer, Stage Manager, Backline Technician, Carpenter.

Audio Crew: FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Playback Engineer.

Video Crew: Video Director, Video Operator, Projectorist.


Lighting Crew: Lighting Designer, Lighting Director, Lighting Engineer.